The RE:shade is a collaboration between D.S. Nicholas, Beth Emig and Betty Bluvshtein. Functioning in the division between art and architecture; installation and design prototype, the project was designed to be modular, travel easily and be easy to assemble....The goal was to create a project a process of materials exploration using recycled materials cut in serial shape. The sign panels were donated by Sign and Design a local signage firm. All that was required to create the shade armature was a drill, bolts and washers. The project was assembled in Philadelphia and then flat-packed into a station wagon and driven to Yestermorrow Design Build School in Warren Vermont, and re-assembled for a showing there. The shade was then flat packed back into the station wagon along with two adults, two kids and much other gear, and brought back to Philadelpia where it will be beta tested and improved by Betty Bluvshtein and D.S. Nicholas